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Tenaga Kenari specializes in several types of Switchboard panel products, namely Main Switchboard, Sub-switchboard, Distribution Board, AMF Control Panel, SESCO Metering Panel, Starter Control Panel, Air-Cond. control panel, Water Treatmenr Control Panels and some other PLC Control Panels. Each switchboard is a heavy duty products, with specifications that meet the industrial, residential and commercial standards. Any add-on and or modifications are easily integrated upon customer requests.

Technical Specifications
Rated Operational Voltage 415V
Rated Insulation Voltage 690V
Rated Frequency 50Hz
Frame Structure, Door & Cover

2.0mm, Electro-Galvanised sheet (MSB)
1.8mm, Elecctro-Galvanised sheet (SSB, Pillar)
1.2/1.5mm, Electro-Galvanised sheet (DB)

Paintwork Kenari Beige Colour, Polyster Powder Coating
Accessment Front & Back Accesss,
Cable entry - Top & Bottom entry

Floor Stand Type (MSB, W/P Pillar)
Wall Mounting Type (SSB, DB, Control Panel, Metering Panel)

Standards Conformed IEC 61439-2
Other Features Extensible for future application (MSB)
Vermin-Proof ventilation louvers
IP 41, IP 42, IP54 or IP 56

Our switchboards are designed to offer maximum accesibility for future maintenance works and also for easier termination of cable feeders.

Form of Segregation

Form 2a & 2b switchboards are ideal for limited floor space,
Form 3a & 3b are recommended when safety is high priority.
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